Editor and Producer: Marci Semerau 

Jason Semerau was born in Los Angeles 1972 and was already a Racer at heart from the mid-1970's.

 The Trackside Experience Team has worked many years to bring you Trackside Interviews for some of the Greatest Race Tracks in the world. We enjoy the opportunity to share behind the scenes acting with Race Team Owners, Crew and Drivers.

Audio and Video Tech: John Quinn 

Marci Semerau has worked with Jason and TTSE for many years. Marci's superior Editing and Production skills have been a valuable asset.

Simon Knight is a resident of the U.K.. and has worked with TTSE since 2012.

John Quinn has worked with Irwindale Speedway and Jason Semerau for too many years to count. He is also an avid Road Racing fan with a passion for photography.

‚ÄčCo-Host: Simon Knight